The AGMA Foundation offers $5,000 scholarships to assist undergraduate and graduate-level engineering students whose programs focus on gear technology or gear research. The application deadline is July 1, 2014, with award notification in August, and initial payment in September.

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For specific eligibility requirements and application guidelines, please download these PDF documents:

Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarship Application

The Review Process

Guidelines for distribution of funds and criteria for selecting recipients are established by the AGMA Foundation Board of Trustees and implemented by the Scholarship Committee. Selected by the Board of Trustees, the Scholarship Committee comprises business members of the gear industry who have experience in workforce education. The Committee reviews applications and makes recommendations for the Foundation’s Board of Trustees for final approval.



2013 Foundation Scholarship Recipient: Tyler O’Brien, a mechanical engineering student at Rochester Institute of Technology, has received his second AGMA Foundation scholarship. “I graduated high school thinking that attaining my educational and career goals would be difficult, if not impossible. I was unable to truly focus on my studies because I had to work to support myself,” says O’Brien. “Thanks to help from the AGMA Foundation, I will be able to complete my college education.”

2013 Foundation Scholarship Recipient: Sally McMenamin Starnes is pursuing a Master’s of Science in mechanical engineering at The Georgia Institute of Technology. “Receiving the AGMA Foundation scholarship allows me to focus on my research and take the necessary steps to successfully complete my studies and thesis without the burden of worrying about expenses.”

2013 Foundation Scholarship Recipient: Jacob Van Dorp, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Waterloo. “The cost of post-secondary education is high, but with the aid of this scholarship provided by the AGMA Foundation, I will be able to continue pursuing my degree. I look forward to my continued education in mechanical engineering and gear technology.”

In 2012, the AGMA Foundation Board of Trustees awarded a $5,000 scholarship to Tyler O’Brien, an undergraduate mechanical engineering student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The hands-on program that O’Brien is enrolled in begins with courses in calculus, pneumatics, hydraulics, and basic mechanical systems. Later, courses include advanced physics and mechanical systems, as well as paid co-operatives in national companies. “While my education in this program will be diverse, it will also provide me with opportunities to focus my learning on gear manufacturing and design, particularly in the area of 3-D modeling,” says O’Brien.

AaronIn 2010, the AGMA Foundation Board of Trustees awarded a $5,000 scholarship to Aaron P. Thaler, a master’s degree student at Ohio State University, whose research focused on testing and modeling to increase the life and reliability of wind turbine gearboxes. In 2012, Aaron provided a summary of his research and update on his career development. Read it here.